The result of the union of two powerful maternal lines of the Holsteiner: 162 of CARTHAGO and 95 of the mare SCHILDA. His father, CARTHAGO has obtained extraordinary results in both sport and breeding, he is undoubtedly one of the best jumpers of his generation.

CLAUDIO, in turn, has been shown from an early age as a talented jumper. Bo Kristoffersen won the 3rd place at the Rostock Grand Prix and was successful in competing with the Danish team at the Nationenpreis in Ikast and at the Aarhus, Kiel and Oldenburg Grand Prix.

Among his first breeding is stallion approved, CLAUDIO’S SON. His son CONTINO got the 4th. Place in the Bunderschampionat of Warendorf with the rider Gilbert Bockmann. In Italy, her daughter, CEZANNE won the Grand Prix of Catania in 2006. Another daughter, CATANIA, is successfully competing in Class S. The mare, CONDOLEZZA with Janne Friederike Meyer has won Class L and M competitions and qualified for The Budeschampionat in 2010. In 2012, CAYENNE won among other prizes the final of the Youngster Tour at the Baltic Horse Show in Kiel .


Capitol I

Perra Calando I
Schilda Calypso II

Cor de la Bryere

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