QUINTERO LA SILLA is the first child of QUANTUM to be licensed. Large size, athletic, careful and powerful back, he is considered one of the most talented holsteiner jumpers. Mounted by Lars Bak Andersen, he qualified for the German Championship at age 5 and 6 and at the Young Horse World Championships in Lanaken he was fifth at age 5 and seventh at age 6.
In 2007, QUINTERO LA SILLA and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson conquered the Schleswig-Holstein Championship and won Falsterbo, Paderborn, and the Munich Grand Prix. In 2008, QUINTERO LA SILLA continued its impressive record triumphing in the Grands Prix and Nations Cups of Bremen, Neumünster, Aachen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Geneva. Repeating in 2009 its successes in the Great Prize of Leipzig, of Bremen, of Ha-gen and in Aachen. In 2010, he confirmed his exceptional qualities for the winning leap in Paris and Geneva. In 2011, he won the Bremen Grand Prix and the Nations Cup in Barcelona and was third at the Gucci Challenge in Paris.

QUINTERO LA SILLA descends from QUIDAM DE REVEL, CALETTO II, CALANDO I, FARNESE and LADYKILLER. QUINTERO already has several children licensed and competing in class S .

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